Dive Into a World of Fun at AREA15


by Caroline Lemcke, Reporter

One of Las Vegas’ newer attractions is not quite what you would expect from the city of lights and adventure. Although it appears to be just a typical black box from the outside, AREA15 actually boasts a wonderful display of art, activities, and food on the inside. If you are looking for a fun activity to do with friends and family, AREA15 might be just the place for you!

Located just minutes from The Strip, AREA15 contains a number of immersive experiences, art exhibits, shops, and eateries. Walk through the doors of an alien spaceship and dive into a whimsical world of color and neon lights!

When visitors enter the complex, it feels as if they are transported to another world. Black light is used to illuminate different features of the building, and create a neon light effect. Unusual sculptures and pieces of art sit glittering throughout the first floor and around the perimeter of the building. Different attractions such as virtual reality experiences and a restaurant occupy the space as well. 

There are many activities scattered throughout the building; some of which include axe throwing, golf simulators, a zip line, and numerous immersive art exhibits. A common favorite of many is “Wink World: Portals to the Infinite.” 

Created by Chris Wink, one of the co-founders and Chief Creative Officer of the Blue Man Group, the experience includes six different rooms containing mirrors and combinations of light, colors, and sounds. It is an incredibly fun and entertaining experience that will leave viewers wondering what the concept of infinity really means.

Another unusual but interesting exhibit is “Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart”. The Omega Mart is a carbon copy of a grocery store, but filled with knock-off products and art. Visitors can walk up and down the aisles ooh-ing and ah-ing at the magical products lying on the shelves before them. Be careful though, because that watermelon might actually have metal inside of its rind!

One more attraction that adds to AREA15’s whimsical nature is its immersive art exhibit. Visitors can sit in a room surrounded by 360° screens and watch as the walls light up with colors and sounds. Guests are engulfed in a world of art and light as they observe the artistic scenes around them. 

Even when visitors have finally seen all the attractions that AREA15 has to offer, the fun isn’t over yet. Guests can enjoy a sweet treat at Emack and Bolio’s award winning ice cream parlor, or savor a meal at the complex’s restaurant, The Beast. If you still have room for more, stop by Rocket Fizz for some mouth-watering candy.

AREA15 is open seven days a week with times varying during the week and weekend. Reservations to enter the complex must be made ahead of time. Although general admission is free, prices for the attractions do vary.

Overall, AREA15 is a great place to take friends, family, and loved ones. It is a one of a kind experience that will transport you to another whimsical world of light, color, and magic!