Oh Snap!


by Ashlee Townsend, Reporter

Snappy Burger is a 1960’s-themed burger restaurant that has been open for almost a year now. The eatery is located on Decatur Boulevard and I-95, across the street from Western High School. It was formerly known as Burger 51, and it was originally created by Jon Basso, the man who also created the Heart Attack Grill on Fremont Street. 

This drive-thru diner features short sci-fi films that you can watch in their small parking lot after you order. You can tune in to the film from the comfort of your own vehicle by turning your radio station to 94.3 FM. The creator of this drive-in restaurant estimates that about 20% of the short films are locally produced.

As for the menu, Snappy Burger offers a short selection of a single or double burger that comes with a side of fries, and your choice of soda that comes in a glass bottle; perfect for a retro theme. They also sell popcorn, candy, and shaved ice to go with your movie. 

Alyssa Rhine, a Junior at Palo Verde High School decided to give the drive-thru diner a shot, and wound up liking it more than she had originally thought she would. “Snappy Burger has such a great vibe,” Rhine reflected. She thought the food was “fantastic, for being a drive through movie theater.”

Their menu may come across as pricey though, $6.83 for a single combo, and $7.70 for a double combo. To substitute the drink, they also offer ice combos, a combo served with a cup of shaved ice, which are $8.63 for a single combo and $9.55 for a double combo.

Another Palo Verde High School student, Juliana DeLeon, a Junior, recalled that the restaurant “had a fun and retro feeling to it.” She mentioned how the “vibes” the drive-thru diner gave off went perfectly with her meal. Although she didn’t expect it to be as busy as it was, she states, “It is to be expected with something this fun and popular.”

The entirety of the drive-in/diner is covered in 1960’s-themed movie posters. This helps the restaurant maintain its “retro” look while staying in modern times. All of the movies, of course, are based on monsters to reflect Basso’s childhood passion. 

Richard Gray, a Freshman at CSN also had a lot to say about his experience at the drive-thru/drive-in. He agrees with most that the food was “very filling and tastes fantastic.” Gray was a big fan of the “retro vibes” that the restaurant gave off. The only problem he had was “there wasn’t much room in the parking lot to sit and watch the short film.”

Snappy Burger is still fairly new and is always looking for new customers to please with their appetizing burgers and original ideas. If you are ever craving a mouthwatering burger and some shaved ice, be sure to give it a try.