How Did The Baker and The Beauty End?


by Makayla Campbell, Reporter

Title: The Baker and The Beauty 

MPAA Rating: TV-PG

Director:  Valentina Garza

Release date: April 13th, 2020

Rating : 8/10


Netflix  recently added the ABC channel show called “The Baker And The Beauty”.  So far it proves to be very popular, with it currently in the top 10 most watched in the USA. There is only one season, and it includes nine episodes that are all 43 minutes long. The show is based on the Isareli books titled the “Baker And The Beauty.”

Although ABC canceled the show after 1 season, fans are hoping that Netflix will pick it up to make a season two. 

The show consists of the baker named Daniel Garcia, played by Victor Rasuk, who was in a relationship with his long term girlfriend Vanessa, played by Michelle Veintimilla. Daniel meets the superstar Noa Hamiltan, who is portrayed by Nathalie Kelley. “Fast and Furious” fans might recognize him from “Tokyo Drift”, the third movie in the series. 

Even though Daniel ends up getting sucked into Noa’s life, he still remains humble and never forgets about his family. He has another brother Mateo, a younger sister named Natalia, a mom named Mari, and a father Rafeal. Those characters are played by David Del Rio, Belissa Escobedo, Lisa Vidal, and Carlos Gomez. 

They are a Cuban family so they are family oriented and believe to do what is best for each other. They own a bakery, which sells Cuban baked goods, but also sells everyday items like chips, water, and bread.
This show is great in the sense that there are two LGQBT+ characters, it shows conservatism in the community, it displays ups and downs of all kinds of relationships, and it presents Cuban food and culture to the audience. 

The main relationship between Daniel and Noa will go through hardships due to their crazy exes, public eye, and family opinions. There are other relationships that form throughout the series and are very well portrayed. 

The pilot episode was good, and it portrays the characters well regarding how they are and act. The rest of the episodes are good and interesting, but there are some points where the show can get a bit predictable and repetitive.

The final episode, however, did leave us on a cliffhanger about the family’s decision. That decision concerns Noa and Daniel’s relationship, along with a new relationship, which carries uncertainty about their status.