Under the Radar: Lovejoy


by Ileana Hernandez, Reporter

Debuting at #10 on the Billboard Emerging Artists chart is Lovejoy. The band consists of 4 members including: Wilbur Soot, Mark Boardman, Joe Goldsmith, and Ash Kabosu. The British band released their first EP called, “Are You Alright?” that came out May 9th, 2021. There’s been a total of two music videos from them thus far. 

With a total of 4 songs on the new EP, and the EP lasting a total of 12 minutes, each song tells a bit of a story. 

First on the list is “Taunt”. “Taunt” reminisces over a past lover and realizations after the relationship occurred. The most memorable lyrics of the song would have to be “Oh, did anyone ever say no to you?” which repeated a few times during the chorus. The best part of “Taunt” absolutely has to be the trumpets. They bring such a warm feeling listening to the song. Wilbur Soot really takes the lead in this song.

“Taunt” also has a music video on Youtube featuring popular Minecraft Youtuber, GeorgeNotFound. 

“One Day” was sung by both Wilbur Soot and Joe Goldsmith. Wilbur sings the majority of the song, but is joined by Joe in the second verse.

The words “one day” are constantly repeated in the song but each time it holds a certain bang. The trumpets throughout the whole EP breathe life into the songs, but in “One Day” specifically there’s extra bounce to the song that makes you want to get up and dance. This song was the first to be heard in clips from a Twitch stream that quickly spread around Tiktok. 

“Sex Sells” is the third song on the EP. Like the rest of the album, there’s plenty of fun instrumentals. This song is about the aftermath of a relationship where a man is left hurting more than the woman who’s moved on. My favorite lyrics are “I’ve been scared of sleeping with the lights on. Know she’s not there, I know she’s going to his flat,” which can be found in the chorus. I can see this song doing well as a summer song. 

“Cause for Concern” is the last song on the EP. This song is about being the obsessive one in a relationship. You’re so invested in the relationship itself that there’s no “Cause for Concern” if any sort of pain from the relationship is endured. With the chorus “you could eat the foam from the headrest. You could knock the wind out of my breath. You could kick the teeth into my head. There’s no cause for concern” demonstrating just that. 

Overall, the EP is a solid 9/10 and well worth the listening to especially if you’re looking for a new indie band. There’s more to look forward to from Lovejoy in the future as this is just the beginning of their career.