Empowered by Billie’s New Single “Your Power”


by Adria Wells, Reporter

Billie Eilish is a top dark pop music artist who has climbed her way into the world of music with uniqueness and strong resolve. On April 29, 2021 she dropped her new single, “Your Power,” as well as the official music video to go along with it. This single comes from her upcoming album “Happier Than Ever” which is set to be released July 30, 2021. 

The concept behind this song is to bring attention to those who abuse their power in underage relationships. It presents a whirlwind of emotion and commentary that many of those who have been victims of such relationships possess once getting out of them.

Billie made statements and provided an explanation behind her lyrics in which she said that “it’s everywhere,” which is in reference to how people are taken advantage of from those who are older or in a higher dynamic of power over a person. Although the type of abuse mentioned is meant to address specific sexual advantages, this single can also represent other forms of abuse as well.

The music video is filmed on a mountain where Billie sits on a ledge and sings her lyrics, with a snake slithering around her. The snake begins wrapping around her as if she’s being constricted by it. 

There are many ways this can be interpreted, such as the snake may represent a person who limits a person’s freedom and controls them with the advantages they have over the person they are limiting. The video leaves room for anybody to view it in any way they please, and it’s a simple yet unique way to express the topic that Billie is speaking out about. 

Not only is the video and song unique, it also has a comforting and calming touch to it. So many people have already taken a liking to it and use the single to cope with experiences they’ve had that are similar to the type of situation that’s being sung about.

It brings awareness and support to the victims of those in an uncomfortable abusive power dynamic relationship which is something that makes such a song inspirational. She is sending a message to society through her music and asking to be heard, and so society has answered and listened. 

Billie Eilish’s new song is something that everyone should listen closely to not only because of its concept but also because of how beautiful and luring it is when you hear it. Before the rest of her album drops, go check out the official music video for “Your Power” on YouTube to get a taste of what’s in store for her new music!