Olivia Rodrigo’s Outstanding Rise


by Zoie Martin, Managing Editor

The up and running popstar Olivia Rodrigo is starting her journey of becoming the Taylor Swift of this upcoming generation. With her relatable post break up songs progressively getting better, who knows what’s in store for her!

Olivia starred in a popular Disney original show called “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series,” where fans fell in love with not only her character, but her voice. The first season came out back in 2019, which was really where her fame started.  

Back in the beginning of 2021, Rodrigo released the staple song “Drivers License,” which not only became a popular “scream in your car at night with your friends” kind of song, but also topped the charts. Tik Tok took this song viral, and had millions exposed to the song. 

Fans were curious to know the background and drama that led to the writing of this song, which caused even more publicity for her, and kept her song on the charts for months. Nearly every teenager took her side in this publicity stunt, which gave her even more listeners, and thus has made Rodrigo the biggest pop star in 2021.

After her first amazing single, many believed she’d be a one hit wonder, but she has proved to be far from that. In April of 2021, Olivia came out with a second single “Deja Vu,” which blew up the charts! This slow and sorrowful breakup song hit home for many teenagers, and was once again turned into a Tik Tok trend, keeping the song in the loop for weeks!

But Olivia’s latest song, “good 4 u,” has everyone reminiscing back to the Paramore days of “Crush Crush Crush” and “Misery Business”. It’s the epitome of a break up song and was completely unexpected from this artist. She’s just starting to explore her taste, and find her type of music. Fans express loving this change in her music with early teen angst 2000’s vibes. 

Olivia has just begun her music, and is making a major impact only months into her independent career. With her new album “Sour” out, and another album on the way, Olivia keeps fans on their toes, constantly wondering, “how could this artist get any better?”