Senior Spotlight: Calvin Levy


by Abbie Millman and Malia Ishibashi

Straight out of online school and under the Friday night lights is Palo Verde High School’s very own Calvin Levy. Being a star athlete, Levy has always had a passion for sports, which is why the competitive athletic nature of Palo provides him with the perfect high school atmosphere.

Having been involved in football for ten years, track for four years, and wrestling for three years, Levy is no stranger to the task of balancing hard work and dedication in the pursuit of both athletics and academics.

Levy is a 6’3, 225 lb Tight End and Defensive End in the class of 2022, and the Palo Varsity Football Team’s Co-Captain for the 2021 fall season. Being in such an important leadership position, he acknowledges how much weight he carries now that he is a representative of Palo Football and Athletics.

“I’ve always tried to lead by example. I have always tried to be a leader, and maybe not the best at times, but I’ve always strived to be something that people could look up to.  I think people eventually recognize that after a while. I’ve always wanted some kids from a younger age to think and say, ‘I could look up to this guy. I wanna be like him,’ and I hope they strive to be like me,” said Levy.

Levy is not only a fantastic athlete, but also a stellar student. As a result, he has been recognized in his accomplishments for both. 

Levy said, “I’ve taken six honors classes, five AP classes, and I have a 4.0 GPA.  I’m a scholar athlete recipient, and a nominee for a couple academic society awards as well.”

Balancing a perfect GPA, being on three sports teams, and having the position of Co-Captain for a five star high school varsity football team can be a great challenge. 

“My advice to students would be to find what works best for you. Personally I like to find any window throughout the day that I can to knock out homework, and then typically study in the morning before school starts,” said Levy. “I still love to have a social life outside of school for my extracurriculars and family life, so I have my tight knit group of individual friends that I work with to accomplish homework.”

This being his fourth year at Palo, Levy has gone through a plentitude of high school experiences, and has also learned from them. Likewise, he hopes that the younger generation of Palo’s students and athletes can learn from him. 

“Definitely don’t mess around your freshman year with grades, and make every single memory in high school count,” said Levy. “Life moves really fast, and before you know it everything could be gone in an instant. Don’t take anything for granted and keep moving.”

As part of the class of 2022, Levy is planning on playing college football for a smaller D1 school, as part of his immediate plan. Be sure to spot #85 at every future Varsity football game panthers!