Red Carpet Homecoming Dance


by Adria Wells, Reporter

Lights, camera, action! On Saturday, September 24, 2021, Palo Verde High School hosted their first homecoming dance since 2018. The theme was Hollywood, which created a glamorous and memorable atmosphere for all the students who attended.

The line was long, and the fashion was stunning. Everyone dressed their best, and students were all enthusiastic to be arriving at the event. This year people could stroll into the dance on a red carpet, get their photos taken by the student council paparazzi, and become engulfed by music and laughter. 

“I like the disco ball,” Palo Verde senior, Shawna Niadas, said when first entering the dance.

The main attractions were the giant disco ball in the middle of the quad, the DJ, and the free Canes students received with purchasing their homecoming dance tickets. 

“The Canes was amazing,” Rylie Grogan, another senior at Palo Verde, commented. 

The dancing and crowning of the official and final homecoming royalties occurred in the school’s main quad. For the senior class, homecoming queen was Naya Moody and homecoming king was Trent Brown. As they were crowned, the crowd went wild and they were Palo’s top Hollywood celebrities.

In the cafeteria, there were tables to sit at and eat food with your friends. Candy and water bottles were available as refreshments which quickly became a relief and source of extra excitement for the students.

“I expected there to be like a lot of energy since there were so many people coming and I’m getting that energy right now,” Natalia Gisele, a Palo Verde High School senior, said when she arrived at the dance. 

The music was a huge contribution to the hype that brought the dance floor to life, and everyone enjoyed screaming along and jumping to the beat of each song. “The Cupid Shuffle” by Cupid is an example of one of the many tracks played that night. A conga line was formed by the students and there were dance circles that prompted a lot of excitement.

“There were so many cool photo stops you could go to and take pictures,” another Palo Verde senior, Brenna Clark, said. Student council had different backgrounds set up around campus to take pictures at. Select members of the council went around taking photos of everyone at the dance, creating Palo’s own personal team of paparazzi. 

Overall the dance had an overwhelming amount of students who showed up. It was a huge success that brought out everyone’s inner celebrity. Palo Verde High School’s Student council did an amazing job at decorating and organizing the entire event. This year was a hit amongst the attendees, and became a night for everyone to remember.