Senior Spotlight: Isabelle Young


by Alexandra Maglinao, Reporter

Isabelle Young is a Las Vegas local, Palo Verde Highschool senior, and the new Student Body President for the 2021-2022 school year. Starting off this school year, she is excited to be back to face-to-face learning, and is ready to bring back the panther spirit that Palo is known for.

Isabelle described her experience thus far as “Amazing but also kind of tiring… I really do love high school, but I’m just excited for the next step.” 

The primary thing that made her love high school is Student Council, because she loves getting involved. As a senior she still feels kid-like, and it’s a weird thing to not have anyone older than her at the school anymore. She looks up to teachers more now because she is the last of the upperclassmen, and that feels scary to her.

“I want to make people feel like they can be a part of the school instead of just going to school,” said Isabelle. To accomplish that goal Isabelle really just wants to create more traditions for the school and involve all students. 

She wants to make every student feel like they can be included, and not just have the impression that only Student Council kids go to events and participate in activities. Her biggest possible accomplishment as student body president would be to have everyone involved. 

Some of the Student Council events Isabelle is most looking forward to going to/planning are Homecoming, and the Winter Dance, which is a new tradition they are starting this year in place of The Sadie Hawkins Dance. Homecoming is one of her favorite events in highschool, as one of her favorite memories as a Palo Verde student is working the Homecoming dance during her sophomore year with all of her friends.

“I’m excited to graduate, but I’m most excited for opening college letters. I think that’s something I’m really anxious about so I’m excited for it.” 

Isabelle is applying to NYU (New York University), Pepperdine, and UCSB (University of California, Santa Barbara). Although she is eager to get into any of the three schools she is applying to, her dream school is NYU. 

In addition to graduation talk, she stated that she really wants to see if she can wear a pink cap and gown, in true Sharpay Evans (“High School Musical”) or Elle Woods (“Legally Blonde”) fashion.    

“Don’t be so scared, be yourself,” is what Isabelle would tell her freshman self as her senior self, as she feels “more herself” in her senior year than she was freshman year. She feels as if getting older really helped with confidence and knowing how to be herself at school and everywhere else. 

Her favorite piece of advice she has ever been given is “we’re all learning,” and that stuck with her throughout the years. Particularly this year, because as president and as a human she can make mistakes, so she reminds herself that “we’re all learning.”