Senior Spotlight: Daquahn Goins


by Malia Ishibashi, Managing Editor

As football season comes to an end, number 52, Daquahn Goins, continues to inspire as a Palo star athlete. Goins has been playing football for four years, running track for three, and wrestling for three. 

Goins’s love for sports is inspiring, however his love for animals is even more inspiring. 

While playing defensive end in the 2021 football season, Goins has continuously worked on his speed, strength, and agility. This not only helped him out on the field, but it also helped him become a well-rounded and overall better athlete.

“As a Defensive End, you need a big body so you can move fast. Working out as a defensive end, you push yourself to become bigger, stronger, and faster.”

Being a multi-sport athlete has it’s up and downs, but Goins was taught to overcome the hardest of times by continuing to work and fight through it. Having to balance school and athletics can be challenging, but Goins is able to do it, as he believes getting good grades is extremely important for his future success.

“Being on the football team for four years had taught and helped me keep my grades up no matter what. School athletics mean a lot to people, including myself. Keeping my grades up is one of the ways that will help lead me on the right path in life by helping me get into a good college.”

Wrestling is a difficult sport for some because it requires great physical strength, power, and skill, along with a healthy mentality. Going into matches with a good frame of mind is key to winning. 

“Going into a match, you want your mindset to be that you are going to win. If you don’t keep that confidence, then you are going to lose. I also tell myself that I’m going to be the next state champion.”

Running track for three years has taught him how to train and keep his body healthy.  

Having the ability to outrun everyone else, out jump everyone else, and out throw everyone else are the skills you need to train your body for in a sport like this. 

“If you want to be at your full potential, you have to eat healthy, drink lots of water, and get enough sleep.”  

With the football season ending, Goins will never forget the feeling of being out on the field with a crowd on his left, his teammates on his right, and the rival team in front of him looking to score the game winning touchdown. 

Daquah Goins is just getting started on his bright path to stardom. He plans to continue playing football in college, begin studying zoology, and finally complete his ultimate goal of starting his own business for animals.