Senior Spotlight: Simi-Tafa De la Cruz


by Alexandra Maglinao, Reporter

Wrestling, Volleyball, Baseball, and Football all wrapped in one is Palo Verde’s very own; Simi De la Cruz. With a background of playing Football for eleven years, Baseball two years, Wrestling for one year, and Volleyball for one year, it’s safe to say that De la Cruz has a great love for sports whether he’s playing or just watching. 

“I love sports because I love being active. Something about sports just makes me happy about life,” said De la Cruz.

De la Cruz has always had a passion for sports, especially football.  He got into football and it’s his favorite to play because he grew up watching his big brother play. He has a lot of experience of being on a team, and he loves being a part of a team because he loves to be able to push others past their limits.

“Usually before games I have my headphones on and I listen to a song my mom used to play for me, ‘Let’s Get It On’ by J boog.”

Getting ready for a game is crucial. Music helps him clear his mind before any game. Clearing his mind before a game is perfect because he could then put all of his energy on the mat, field, or court.

As a defensive end, he was most inspired by JJ Watt.

“I watched him growing up when he played for the Houston Texans and I liked his technique and ways he got past to get to the quarterback.”  

De la Cruz hopes to further his football career in college at University of Oregon, and hopefully getting to continue onto the NFL.

“Use the time you have now, time definitely flies by and just keep working hard and pushing yourself.”

Having to juggle athletics and school can be stressful and challenging. De la Cruz now knows that highschool goes by fast, and faster than he thought it would. He encourages young incoming freshmen of High School to try out for any sports team.