Black Student Union Spirit Week


by Adria Wells, Reporter

February 2022 is Black History month, and Palo Verde High School’s Black Student Union is kicking it off with a spirit week. From February 8th to the 11th, Palo Verde students can participate in dress up days to help spread awareness for this important month. 

On Tuesday, February 8, it’s “Artist Day” and students are encouraged to wear anything that commemorates their favorite artist such as actors, poets, painters, sports players, and iconic historical figures. This day will put those figures in the spotlight, providing a proud parade of positive attention towards the contribution of society’s black excellence.

“African Colors Day” falls on Wednesday, February 9, which is meant to honor and represent the history of African culture. On this day the colors red, black, green, and/or yellow can be worn to show support and appreciation for African culture.

Red resembles the blood of their pain and ancestors, black symbolizes the people of the nation as a whole, green is for the vibrant and ample natural wealth of their motherland (Africa), and yellow stands for the richness found from the natural resources of Africa.

Thursday, February 10th, is “80’s and 90’s Hip Hop Fashion Day” where students can participate by wearing clothes such as oversized shirts, denim, overalls, jerseys, flannels or anything of Cross Colors fashion. This day provides an opportunity for students to commend this form of literary art and musical genre, which has provided a voice to urban youth and flourished into a global sensation.

To top off the week, on Friday, February 11, it’s “Wear All Black Day” and students can show up to school in any black Palo Verde panther gear that they own. It is included to honor the black in the Pan-African Flag, which represents the people who exist as a nation but not a nation-state, and are provided affirmation through the existence of the flag.

This spirit week is part of Black Student Union’s mission to spread extra awareness towards the importance of Black History Month and connect everyone at Palo Verde High School. Make sure to participate in these dress up days and show your support for this historic month in this upcoming week!