5 Places to Eat at For Valentine’s Day


by Abbie Millman, Editor-in-Chief

Love is in the air everywhere. There are over thousands of delicious restaurants located in Las Vegas. While having a romantic dinner with a partner may be ideal for Valentine’s Day, having dinner by yourself or with a group of friends is just as enjoyable. Many businesses are showing their love for Valentine’s Day and their hungry customers by editing the menu, decorating the setting, and more. Even though Valentine’s Day is a romantic holiday, restaurants may range from casual to fancy dinners, and are all guaranteed to be memorable. 

  1. The Black Tap—Located in The Venetian, this food-overload-central is the perfect way to spend an over-the-top holiday eating over-the-top portions. While advertised as being known for their craft burgers and beer, most recognize the name in association to their extravagant milkshakes, topped with everything from cotton candy to cake slices. The waiting line to get in will surely be long, so make sure to get there earlier.
  2. Jasmine—Grab a reservation at this restaurant located in the Bellagio for a refined take on Chinese cuisines. Portion sizes here are not nearly as large, but the atmosphere is ideal. The dining room looks like a tea room encompassed with beautiful butterflies. It also has the best view of all to watch the Bellagio fountain show, while having dinner. Truly magical.
  3. Carbone—On the second floor of the Aria, this Italian restaurant is a must-do. Whether it is seeing your salad or dessert made in front of you by some fancy Italian man, the experience (and food) is worth the cost. The location can work if you’re having a ten-person party or even if you’re just on a date, but make sure to grab a reservation.
  4. CATCH—Known for its locations in Manhattan and Los Angeles, this creative seafood-focused eatery is one that people come from all over the world to eat at. Overall, this location (also in the Aria) is the perfect trendy place to bring your favorite pescetarian.
  5. T-Bones—While not on the strip, T-bones at Red Rock Casino offers a high-end steak dinner to those who may not feel like enduring the crowd of tourists at the strip. Red Rock may appear a bit outdated, but this steak house on its own is superb. Because it’s so great, it’s definitely another place you should hunt for a reservation at.

Bonus: In-N-Out Burger—Perhaps the best option on the list? Not just because it is fast and affordable, but because the more casual the food, the more casual and natural your date can be. Dress it up with a fancy setting in the backyard (or desert) and make it a true dinner, or just enjoy it on the couch while watching a movie. It’s your choice!

Every single one of these places are a valid choice for Valentine’s day, whether you are taking out your significant other or just your mom. The best advice given is to match the setting with the situation. High school (often) is not the time to drop $150+ on a single dinner at the strip. Think of it as fun over fancy, and you will surely enjoy February 14th.