Changes to the Sadie Hawkins Dance 2022


by Brooke Galsky, Editor-in-Chief

The annual Sadie Hawkins Dance is returning once again to Palo Verde High School on February 26, 2022, thanks to Student Council. The theme of the dance is Las Vegas. Tickets are being sold on the Palo Verde Webstore for $20 up until 3PM on Friday, February 25, 2022, where they’ll go up to $30. 

This year, though, a few changes have been made that make this tradition a bit less familiar.

For one, students are encouraged to bring their friends along with them (granted that they are also Palo Verde students), unlike in previous years where the dance was mostly a “girls-ask-boys”, date-only event. Masks and school IDs are required.

A trailer was released on Palo Verde’s Instagram @paloverde.pride where it revealed that there will be an Elvis impersonator and games at the dance.

Students have a variety of reactions to these changes, like with the retiring “girls-ask-boys” tradition. Some students want to stick to the status quo.

“I think the girls [should] have their turn, you know. Boys [have] homecoming, that’s their time. Prom, that’s their time, you know. [We] need to split it in half a little bit,” said Ethan Clauss, a 9th grader.

Many students, though, are open to this change.

“I like how girls ask boys, but honestly, it doesn’t matter. Usually because of homecoming, it’s the opposite, guys ask girls. So [Sadie’s is] like the girls’ turn… [but] I do not care, as long as people are having fun and happy,” said David Handelman, a 12th grader.

As for the games at this year’s Sadie’s, many students were excited to see them added.

“I think everyone wants to play games,” said Noah Colindres, a 9th grader. “What’s a dance without games?”

Teachers shared in these welcoming approaches.

“We did have games at [homecoming]. I’m hoping that coming out of us being isolated last year, that more people will come to Sadies and just be able to celebrate with their friends and do fun stuff,” said Ms. Meyer.

Only 28% of two polled classes of Palo students are planning on going to the dance, though. 69% of students have other plans for the weekend. Either way, we hope Panthers will stay safe and enjoy the Sadie Hawkins weekend.