Sneak Peek Into Sadie’s


by Malia Ishibashi and Abbie Millman

Palo’s Sadie Hawkins dance is today, February 26, 2022, and it’s being held in the Cafeteria. This dance is a little different than the previous Palo dances because you don’t have to feel obligated to come with a date or friends. 

When you first enter the school, an Elvis Presley impersonator will be there to snap a picture with you and your group (if you want). There will be so many activities to do such as playing Pac Man, grabbing a churro, eating some candy, and drinking hot chocolate from a blown up igloo. 

There will be Student Council paparazzi coming around to take pictures of all the fun times with friends. However, if you want to take pictures on your own, many of the large signs (including the famous Las Vegas sign) from the Friday assembly will be hung to take pictures with.

Inside, the dance floor will be set up where students can jam to a song they may have recommended on the Sadie’s poll sent out through email. Outside, there will be an array of tables and chairs to sit down with your hot chocolate at.

Everyone will be dressing casual because this dance is to be more of a hangout than something formal or semi-formal such as Homecoming and Prom. Traditionally, those who come will match T-shirts or hoodies with their friends or date.

Tickets are $30 at the door, and the dance goes from 7:00PM to 10:00PM. Remember that only Palo students are allowed at this dance, and be sure to bring your Palo ID. For backup, also bring a screenshot of your ticket purchased from the webstore if it is not already printed out. We are excited to see you at “Sadie’s in Vegas” panthers!

For full details on the changes to the dance please see the past article by clicking on the right arrow on the pvpantherprint home screen.