Senior Spotlight: Noor Janjua


by Benjamin Alfaro, Reporter

Noor Janjua, an exceptional student at Palo Verde High School, is making the most out of her final year by participating in Student council, Random Acts of Kindness Club, and International Club. She is the Senior Class Secretary, Co-President of two clubs, and Co-Editor for the yearbook.

Janua is the Senior Class Secretary for the Student Council club this school year. She also helps out the other officers in the council with their tasks and takes notes on their events. 

Student council is a club that hosts exciting fundraisers for the students and staff. She joined in her freshman year because she wasn’t exactly sure what she would like to do.

“I wanted to be a part of the Student Council because I really liked how the Council put on many events. I enjoyed attending all of the events and it inspired me to participate in that,” said Janjua.

She is Co-President of the Random Acts of Kindness and International Club. Like Student Council she joined this club in her freshman year, and has been in it ever since. The reason she joined and has stayed this long is because of its overall effect on the students at Palo.

“I joined them because I really liked what the clubs did and what they stood for.

Another club that she contributes to for the Palo community is the yearbook club, and is the Co-Editor of it. Being part of the yearbook means that you have to take a lot of photos for the school so that at the end of the year everyone can look back at all of the amazing memories. 

“At the beginning of high school, I didn’t know what I wanted to do in life and I joined many things over the years to figure out what I liked. Like all my clubs, being a yearbook editor was just something I have enjoyed, and they have helped me figure out what I like to do.

Janjua is enjoying her last semester at Palo, but is also looking forward to the next phase in her life, which will be college. Education has had such an impact on her life and she’s excited to start her education somewhere else. She wants to experience adulthood while also opening up to this new phase in her life.

“I am extremely excited to go to college and start a new chapter. Even though I have loved palo for the past four years, I want to go to college and become an adult and continue my studies elsewhere.

High School was a rewarding experience for Janjua, and she will definitely leave a legacy at Palo when she leaves later this year.