Senior Spotlight: Rayem Izkovich


by Brooke Galsky, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Palo Verde senior and valued member of the Varsity Dance team, Rayem Izkovich shows determination in all she does. As she’s been dancing for over eight years now, it’s clear she aspires to continually improve at doing what she loves.

In past years, balancing dance with advanced classwork was difficult. However, with her shortened schedule this year, it’s been a bit easier.

“It’s a struggle, but it’s what I want to do,” said Izkovich. “But this year has been really easy for me, especially with these amazing teachers I have this year. They’re so, so nice and they’re so understanding.”

Last year was especially a struggle, as because of COVID, there was no dance. Every day of distance learning and summer, Rayem practiced three to four hours in a private studio, dancing as much as she could to prepare for this year’s tryouts.

Being a leader for the new girls on the team is another source of difficulty for Izkovich.

“The hardest part [of Varsity Dance] is to be a leader for the girls that are younger than me… and to be there for my team. Especially with [me] being a four-year, and all of these girls are new, especially from COVID. It’s really hard to be a leader, and I feel like that’s what they’re missing.”

All this work is worth it for Rayem, though, as she loves spending time with her team.

“Really, [the best part of Varsity dance is] the girls I dance with. They’re all so sweet, all so nice. Usually when you’re doing competitive [dance] outside of school, you’re by yourself… but here at Palo, you’re contributing a lot with a bunch of girls.”

Alongside dance, Rayem has many hobbies. She waterskis and wake-surfs with her family. She does nails and nail art as a pastime.

“It sounds like I do [a lot], but I really don’t. I just hang out with my family… I’ll hang out with friends sometimes. It’s mostly school… and mostly dance. It’s what I really focus on.”

The biggest lesson she’s learned from Palo is to work hard and think big to get what you want.

“Whether it’s for dance, whether it’s for baseball, whether it’s for education—if you want a good education, you’ll get it if you work hard,” said Izkovich. “You always wanna work hard, you always wanna think big goals. I think the lesson is always think positive.”

After high school, Rayem is looking into going to Miami or Reno for college to join their dance team. Her dream job is to be a lawyer or an attorney, since she’s confident and is good at fighting for something. And her biggest dream is to open up a worldwide chain of dance studios.

With her persistent effort to improve and her triumphant attitude, Rayem is sure to succeed at anything and everything she does next. And based on her achievements already, she’s sure to do many great things.