LA’s Randy’s Donuts comes to Las Vegas


by Ben Alfaro, Reporter

Randy’s Donuts is an iconic doughnut shop from Los Angeles that has been around since 1952. It has opened many locations worldwide, from its home in California to South Korea, and now in our illustrious home of Las Vegas!


This new location is found at 2170 S Rainbow Blvd and had its Las Vegas debut on August 16. Randy’s Donuts is well known for being featured in several famous TV shows and movies. One location was even featured in Iron Man 2! So far, Randy’s has 21 locations spread across America, Asia, and the Middle East, and still has plans to open more locations, including plans to open up 7 locations in the Vegas area.


However, it seems they might as well open up those extra 7 locations now because they sold out for the first time in the store’s history on the 1st day of its Vegas debut! Even when all the donuts weren’t sold out, the line was very long, from the parking lot to the next street! Randy’s Donuts is a famous place known for its creative and delicious donuts. Their donuts are homemade and are very clever, varying from regular glazed donuts to donuts the size of someone’s head! The best thing? The prices are very affordable for premium donuts.


The donuts vary in their different categories, but each pack a punch bound to satisfy your taste buds! When I visited the store, these donuts were delicious and were worth the wait and price. Many donut shops can make donuts, but not all of them put it to heart as Randy’s does. They make them fresh, with remarkable consistency, flavorful dough, and frosting.


 Halle McKnight, a senior at Palo Verde High School, also visited Randy’s donuts and told me, “The doughnuts themselves were pretty good. I would still like to try other flavors, though.” 


Randys has planned to open 7 locations in Las Vegas, allowing everyone a chance to try these donuts for themselves. Even if donuts aren’t your favorite sweet, give Randy’s a go. It’s 100% worth the try!