‘Glass Onion’ Review: Rian Johnson Has Done it Again


by Gabriel Gonzalez, Editor-In-Chief

“Holy crap, Louis”

Let’s get one thing out of the way; I have not been the biggest fan of Rian Johnson due to his work on ‘Star Wars’. However, he continues to intrigue me with his stories and the ideas presented in his films. So when “Knives Out” came out in 2019, I watched it (and enjoyed it), and the film was recognized as a significant hit for Rian Johnson and co.

The list of compliments can roll on for days, ranging from how Daniel Craig fits the role of Benoit Blanc perfectly, how the film’s cast was delightful, to how the soundtrack to the movie was great. However, what’s even more noteworthy is that the idea was completely original and not based on any work.

Even though the word has been thrown around loosely when talking about specific films, I feel comfortable calling “Knives Out” a masterpiece.

But even with all the high praise and compliments, how do you follow up a masterpiece like “Knives Out”?

The answer is simple. You make a better movie. I know easier said than done, but Rian Johnson accomplished just that with the indirect sequel “Glass Onion.”

“Glass Onion” (Pg-13) follows Daniel Craig’s character Benoit Blanc as he is invited to an island with a wealthy, powerful group who play a murder mystery game. It sounds like a simple plot until it isn’t when an actual murder has been committed, and Benoit Blanc has to go on the case again.

With a loaded cast featuring Edward Norton, Kathryn Hahn, Dave Bautista, Madelyn Cline, Jessica Henwick, Kate Hudson, Janelle Monáe, and other recognizable stars, you expect killer performances and are delivered that and more.

The film carries over the severe but comedic when needed nature from the first film, and it not only meets the high expectations, it exceeds them. Daniel Craig is more hilarious in this film due to him being constantly annoyed by the other characters, and it is funny to see.

One of Rian Johnson’s strengths is his cinematography. (Ironically one of the only things I enjoyed from ‘The Last Jedi’) The film’s cinematography here is phenomenal, with multiple scenes that are stunning to look at. One particular scene featuring a gunshot is shot exceptionally well.

The soundtrack, composed by Nathan Johnson, works very well with the scenes provided as it continues to build up the chaos and continues to build the environment throughout the film and is overall enjoyable to listen to.

The only “complaint” I had about this movie was that I wish that this movie was longer. It was that good. 

So as far as a score rating goes? It deserves a 9.5/10, which is no small thing to say, especially with how good the first “Knives Out” movie was.

Safe to say, I’m excited for future installments and looking forward to seeing Daniel Craig fill the shoes of Benoit Blanc.