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Prom on a Budget

Prom on a Budget

by Olivia Stedeford, Reporter

March 7, 2020

Prom is up and coming and for most people, dropping hundreds of dollars on clothes and accessories may seem a bit obsolete when looking for a more cost-friendly, yet fabulous option. From the outfit to the accessories, what you wear and how you buy it can greatly affect your prom experience and your ban...

Vine Shuts Down

Vine Shuts Down

by Jake Grosvenor, Opinions Editor

January 20, 2017

On Tuesday, Jan. 17, the app Vine shut down after almost four years of being a place for many to share videos. The social media app, Vine, had been scheduled to shut down since late 2016, but Tuesday marked the official closing of the app. Vine was a video sharing site that allowed users to upload...

Vinyls are making a comeback

Palo sophomore Faith Lightfoot’s vinyl record collection.

by Sumner Serrano, Editor

May 25, 2016

Nowadays, there are many different outlets available to listen to music on. You could buy it on Itunes or make a playlist on Spotify or you could simply look up the song you want on Youtube. Despite all of these things, many people are going back to the old school methods of listening to music. Vinyl re...

Top Five DIY projects you need to try now

Top Five DIY projects you need to try now

by Tayler Jones, Opinions Editor

March 9, 2016

DIYs are cheap, fun projects that spice up objects in your home, but people don't typically finish what they start. Some DIY projects cost you some serious time and money. Here are five easy, fast and cheap ways to add a little spunk to your life- without breaking your wallet. 1.DIY Ping Pong Ball lights ...

Balancing school and work: Teenagers and their jobs

A high school graduate continues the job she's had as a lifeguard since she was a teen.

by Tayler Jones, Feature editor

February 10, 2016

Teenager 16-18 have different types of mainly low experience leveled jobs, jobs such as working in retail, being a lifeguard or working someplace the boss hires a 16 year-old. There are other jobs for teens not as common as working in a McDonalds. Some people do things a bit more...different. “I...

iPhone vs. Android

An IPhone next to an Android.

by Tayler Jones, Feature Editor

November 12, 2015

The debate has gone on forever: which is better, iPhone or Android? This question has haunted society since the beginning of touchscreens. In some ways, the two phones are surprisingly different, yet in other ways are surprisingly similar. They both can download most of the same apps as well as use a se...

5 things to do this Halloween

Junior Lily Scarbrough sits in costume during Palo Verde's second annual haunted house

by McKenna Topps, Co-Entertainment Editor

October 27, 2015

It seems that since hitting high school, a majority of the student population has taken a nosedive in the celebrating of Halloween. As children, we went trick or treating and dressed up in fancy costumes and stayed up late. Now that we are older, it seems that this has begun to lose interest. So this...

Why cardboard is the next best thing in technology

Junior Max Wilde, tries out the Google Cardboard for the first time.

by Annaka Cieri, Editor-n-Chief

September 14, 2015

The Google Cardboard may look ridiculous or humerus to those tech geeks, but it's purpose brings the world one step closer to a "Jetsons" type future. The Google Cardboard is literally cardboard with two lenses, it's cheap and easy to make, and will access a world of virtual reality as long as you...

The importance of red lipstick

The sharp red words “Red Lipstick” as written on a mirror pops from an otherwise black and white background.

by Annaka Cieri, Reporter

March 10, 2015

Red lipstick is not a new trend, but it’s rediscovery and popularity have caused quite a controversy in today’s society. “You are going to wear it to make you feel better about yourself; you aren't trying to cover yourself up by using makeup, you are trying to express your opinion,” said sophomore...

Teenagers suffer sleep deprivation

Person in the picture: Brittany Polit 
Brittany Polit has trouble staying awake in class after getting little to no sleep the night before. An overload on coffee might be the only solution

by Emma Kate Dillard, Reporter

March 9, 2015

Late night deadlines, all nighters, and overloading on coffee are all the signs of a stressed out and busy high school teen. Day in and day out there is a frequent murmur in the halls about lack of sleep. “I went to bed at two  last night,” “I only got one hour of sleep,” “I’m running on...

What color is the dress?

Original dress picture.

by Annaka Cieri, Reporter

February 27, 2015

What started out has a simple Tumblr post soared into an all out war on social media. “It’s blue and black,” “No it’s white and gold!” Well what color is this piece of cloth? “76 percent of people polled said the dress was white and gold and 24 percent of the people polled said it was...

Fashion Investigation: Spring Edition

As spring begins, junior Negin Izakhas starts wearing floral plaids, one of the hits of the season.

by Gabriela Silva, Reporter

March 26, 2014

Spring is coming up soon, and so are the trends for this season. After a month of the hottest fashion shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris, it's time to recap the major trends that hit the streets this spring season. Street-wear is one of the keywords for fashion, invading the luxury market...

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