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Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - January 01, 2013: Fireworks explode above the Stratosphere hotel and the Las Vegas strip at midnight on New Years eve, as seen from downtown.

Review of ’22

by Matthew S. Joung, Reporter January 12, 2023

Although tamer than its predecessors, 2020 and 2021, 2022 was still a wild ride. Come and reminisce with the rest of Palo Verde as we take a trip through Memory Lane.    During the 97th Academy...

Being Off the Grid

Being Off the Grid

by Jordyn Selznick, Sports Editor April 4, 2019

As 21st century teenagers, our lives revolve around “second lives” -- our lives online. The internet has become a vehicle to a second identity and to forget about what’s happening in one’s actual...

A teenage girl writing beauty on a mirror in lipstick

You Are Not Pretty

by Janel Delgado, Senior Editor February 11, 2019

Girls are constantly being told they are not pretty enough or good enough. They will be happy when they are skinnier, prettier, older, have a guy. Girls see on social media the Victoria’s Secret...

Winter is Coming to Vegas... Are You Prepared?

Winter is Coming to Vegas… Are You Prepared?

by Jordyn Selznick, Sports Editor November 15, 2018

Many think that Las Vegas is a nice and warm tourist town, yet not many are prepared for the grueling winter the Las Vegas valley provides during these cold upcoming months. Surprisingly, there are...

Parental Pressure Suppresses Growth

Parental Pressure Suppresses Growth

by Mya Nielson, Junior Editor September 20, 2018

The connection between a parent and a child is integral to the development of a person and has been examined and studied throughout time. The main role of a parent is to ensure the safety and prosperity...

How to Defeat Allergy Season

How to Defeat Allergy Season

by Jordy Selznick, Reporter March 23, 2018

Allergy season is officially upon us in Las Vegas, NV. Known as one of the worst cities in the nation for allergies because of the number of non-native plants brought in to add beauty to the landscape,...

Local band Brumby plays a show at the Charleston airplane hanger.

5 useful concert tips

by Annaka Cieri, Editor-In-Chief March 17, 2016

1.Know the Set List You want to be well rehearsed by the time your concert comes around with he songs they are going to play.  Not only is it more fun to sing along live, but you don't seem like a...

Top Five DIY projects you need to try now

Top Five DIY projects you need to try now

by Tayler Jones, Opinions Editor March 9, 2016

DIYs are cheap, fun projects that spice up objects in your home, but people don't typically finish what they start. Some DIY projects cost you some serious time and money. Here are five easy, fast and...

The ACT test for 2016 is tomorrow, March 1. Are you ready?

ACT Crash Course

by Tayler Jones and Sedona Goodbar February 29, 2016

Most students go into full panic when hearing about the ACT, a test mainly for juniors and those looking to graduate high school. When preparing for the ACT most people think “what should I study?”...

Dakota, a pet rabbit, plays in the grass.

Why you should seriously consider adopting a rabbit as a pet

by Annaka Cieri, Editor-in-Chief February 19, 2016

As a person who is frequently asked if I am a dog person or a cat person, I usually stutter out a very quiet and shy "rabbit person?" This often leads to awkward situations and a bombarding string of questions...

An IPhone next to an Android.

iPhone vs. Android

by Tayler Jones, Feature Editor November 12, 2015

The debate has gone on forever: which is better, iPhone or Android? This question has haunted society since the beginning of touchscreens. In some ways, the two phones are surprisingly different, yet in...

Palo Verde junior, Savannah Gooding sits in the library reading Macbeth.

The 10 most important books to read in high school

by Annaka Cieri, Editor-in-Chief September 23, 2015

1.The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini Written by Afghan-American Hosseini, this is a heartbreaking tale of the unlikely friendship between a very wealthy boy named Amir, and his father's servant's...

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