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One Nation, Under Chaos With Guns

One Nation, Under Chaos With Guns

by Jake Grosvenor, Editor-in-Chief November 8, 2017

Welcome to the prosperous land of America, the nation everyone has heard of that offers everyone the chance to be who they are. Millions dream to be here and even more have moved here to follow their dreams,...

How Schools Are Ruining Our Youth With Abstinence

How Schools Are Ruining Our Youth With Abstinence

by Jake Grosvenor, Opinions Editor May 23, 2017

Say no to drugs, wait till marriage, one hit and you’re on the road to failing, only fools and idiots drink; these phrases are some of the most echoed amongst students in the United States. The idea...

How Schools Are Ruining Our Youth With Standardized Tests

How Schools Are Ruining Our Youth With Standardized Tests

by Jake Grosvenor, Opinions Editor May 10, 2017

The ACT, the SAT, Sbac’s, EOC’s, and every other hellish test in between are the biggest joke and scam that is killing kids hopes and chances to be who they are. With No Child Left Behind integrating...

How Schools Are Ruining Our Youth With No Child Left Behind

How Schools Are Ruining Our Youth With No Child Left Behind

by Jake Grosvenor, Opinions Editor May 2, 2017

Public School has been one of the most heavily debated topics these past few years, new acts and systems have been put in place to help out kids have a brighter future and succeed in life. The most famous...

CFP logo courtesy of the official College Football Playoff website

How Playoffs Are Starting to Take Away From the Traditional Bowls of College Football

by Remington Foster, Sports Editor January 4, 2017

Football games are all fun to watch, with all the moments leading up to the great moment of who will take the big win at the end of the big game, but college playoffs are starting to interfere with college...

Warning labels on movies indicate if the content is safe for children and reasons why it isnt

The Dreaded “G Movie” School Rule

Movies in school should be shown by content, not rating.
by Jake Grosvenor, Opinions Editor September 20, 2016

Every year, we all here the same thing coming to school: “Can we watch this movie?” Inevitably, the movie is PG and not allowed to be shown without a parent slip. The rule in CCSD and many other...

Hyped up movies from 2015

Getting Hyped for Disappointment

by Denzel Reyes, News Editor January 15, 2016

A new year, a new round of entertainment. Trailers come and go while the hype immeasurably increases. The hype adds to a sense of community between fans,  the excitement becomes unbearable as fan theories...

Palo Verde juniors read Fahrenheit 451in two very different ways.

Why hardback books are better

by Sumner Serrano, Editor October 13, 2015

Since the invention of handheld devices, old school ways have been dying out. Hand writing letters, calling people to talk and most importantly, hardback books. Bookstores have been going out of business...

Players begin in an Esport tournament competing for a prize.

Are Esports “real” sports?

by Denzel Reyes , News Editor September 29, 2015

  Electronic sports have been around for many years now, ranging from unknown to well known. The competitive nature of videogames traces back to something simple as to beat the high score that...

Gabrielle Topacio, junior at Palo Verde High School wears two different outfits.

Do You Change With Your Clothes?

by McKenna Topps, Entertainment Co-Editor September 26, 2015

Can one change with their clothes? The ability to do so is actually a lot easier than one may think. Sure someone’s values and background can not change with a single outfit, but inward opinion and the...

A leftie has trouble writing on the board without smudging her handwriting.

Left Handed Problems

by Trina Ausbon , Entertainment Editor September 17, 2015

Approximately  ten percent of the world's population is left handed, and ever since the beginning of civilization, it has been frowned upon to be a “leftie.” I am a proud left hander, but ever since...

A friend group of seniors sit on the rails admiring the legendary PV sign before they go.

High school according to high schoolers

by Annaka Cieri, Reporter May 29, 2015

“The best years of your life” are broken down into 4 short years, but are they really “the best years of your life”? Did everyone fail to remember  you were surrounded by acne ridden hormonal...

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