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Athlete Spotlight: Jonathan Carpenter

Athlete Spotlight: Jonathan Carpenter

by Kayla Faasse, Bailey Uzzardo, and Miranda Salazar

March 1, 2018

Jonathan Carpenter is a senior here at Palo Verde and has been on the wrestling team all four years of his high school career. This year, he’s the only wrestler from Palo that is going to state championships, which means huge commitment and responsibility. Ever since he was 10 years old, star sen...

Athlete Spotlight: Savannah Johnson

Athlete Spotlight: Savannah Johnson

by Amanda Wiseman, Reporter

November 30, 2016

Racing past the screaming fans, her head is spinning and her lungs are burning. Who would have known that there is so much more to running than what we see. Savannah Johnson, a varsity cross country runner at Palo Verde High School, shares her story and the passion she has for her sport. Only being...

Silcox and Cruz: The dynamic duo leaving behind a legacy

Pictured are Brooklyn Cruz (left) and Paulina Silcox (right), intertwined and with a basketball to represent their love of the game and their friendship

by Chandler Patrick, Sport Editor

February 13, 2016

The Palo Verde women’s basketball program has had its share of great players. For the last three to four years, Paulina Silcox and Brooklyn Cruz have been two point guards who have not only been joined at the hip but have also inspired underclassmen, fellow players and coaches alike. Their hard work ...

NIAA awards Mr. Keairnes and Mrs. McGill with Athletic Director and Secretary of the Year

Mr.Keairnes and Mrs.McGill were honored with an award from the NIAA for Best Athletic Director and Best Athletic Secretary.

by Michaela Jackson, Sports Editor

April 23, 2015

Panthers Mr. Keairnes and Mrs. McGill were recently awarded Athletic Director and Athletic Secretary of the Year. Their hard work and dedication towards Palo Verde’s athletic program was recognized by the NIAA. Mrs. McGill had been working as athletic secretary for twelve years. Mr. Keairnes started...

Kowalski rolls in a state individual title for women’s bowling

Junior Natallie Kowalski bowls a 632 series in the State Individual Title  against five other girls.

by Michaela Jackson, Sports Editor

March 10, 2015

Inspired by her parents, junior Natallie Kowalski won State Individual Title for bowling. In the individual tournament five other girls competed for the title, and whoever had the highest series would win. After three intense rounds, Kowalski claimed the title with an overall score of 632. “It felt...

Athlete Spotlight: Mackenzie Nogues

Senior Mackenzie Nogues signed to Long Beach State on Wed. Feb. 4 to play Division 1 soccer.

by Jazmin Ferreira, Senior Reporter

February 18, 2015

Mackenzie Nogues is a senior at Palo Verde. She has been on varsity soccer all four years, and a captain for the past two years. Starting her junior year, she got the chance to play with her younger sister, Jayden Nogues, who also made varsity her freshman year. Nogues has been playing soccer for about...

Schneidman becomes first lady wrestler at Palo

Junior Hannah Schneidman and freshman Braxton Tonks practice together in preparation for their next match.

by Annaka Cieri, Reporter

February 5, 2015

“You wrestle like a girl!” isn’t a bad phrase to junior Hannah Schneidman, female wrestler. “I joined wrestling because I saw my friends doing it, and it looked fun. I found out I would be the first girl on the team ever to last through a season and to make varsity! I also wanted to keep the...

Athlete Spotlight: Nolan Sherwood

Nolan Sherwood, senior and captain of varsity men's soccer, has scored 16 goals this season.

by Michaela Jackson, Sports Editor

November 3, 2014

Senior and Captain Nolan Sherwood has been on Varsity Men’s Soccer since his junior year. He is a forward for the Panthers, his record so far for the season is 18 goals and five assists. Sherwood’s hard work has been contributed to the teams success. Panther Print: What do you enjoy most about...

Athlete Spotlight: Carolina Cleland

Senior and Cross Country captain Carolina Cleland looks forward to track in the spring.

by Michaela Jackson, Sports Editor

October 27, 2014

Senior and Captain Carolina Cleland has been on women’s cross country ever since she was a freshman. On Oct. 7th at Floyd Lamb Park Meet, Cleland ran three miles in 19:26.7 and placed fifth in this meet, her best time this season. Panther Print: How do you prepare for a 5K? Carolina Cleland:...

Athlete Spotlight: Jaren Campbell

Jaren Campbell stands ready to move the football forward.

by Alexis Galvan, Senior Reporter

October 6, 2014

Senior Jaren Campbell is a running back and linebacker on the Varsity Panther Football Team. He's always giving his best on the field and always gives Palo Verde a good name. Jaren Campbell is a highly talented and valued player here at Palo. Luckily for us, Jaren agreed to answer a few questions for...

Athlete Spotlights: Hailey and Logan Houck

Sophomore Hailey Houck and junior Logan Houck pour their hearts into swimming.

by Alexis Galvan, Reporter

April 2, 2014

Junior Logan and sophomore Hailey Houck are sibling swimmers for the Palo Verde Swim and Dive team.They go through a lot together, but through it all they’re always right there to support and praise each other while things are up and pick each other up when things fall down. Being siblings, these two ha...

Athlete Spotlight: Dan Austin

Senior Dan Austin winds up for a pitch to show his dedication to varsity baseball.

by Hannah Thompson, Sports Editor

March 27, 2014

Dan Austin is a senior preparing to play his final season on the Palo Verde Baseball team. He has been a part of this team for three years at Palo and started pitching this fall. Graduation is around the corner, and he is looking forward to helping his team make it to playoffs. Panther Print: When did you start pla...

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