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2020-2021 Staff


Arushi Chamaria

Arushi Chamaria is a junior enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program and in her third year of Palo Verde journalism. In her previous years, she has lived in Dubai, Los Angeles, and she is originally from India but now lives in Las Vegas. She also has previously been a player on the palo verde tennis team, but she also enjoys tutoring, photography, and doing abacus. She tutors elementary, ...


Ileana Hernandez

Ileana Hernandez is a Senior in her second year of journalism. She’s been a part of Advocates Club for two years now and enjoys volunteering with the club. Thanks to quarantine, she has spent time playing games with friends. Ileana comes from an exceptionally large family. She is using this school year to figure out what she wants to pursue.


Oscar Alfaro

Oscar Alfaro is a junior at Palo Verde High School, and is in his second year of journalism as a reporter. Oscar has always had a passion for writing about things he’s passionate about and would like to use everything he has learned in life to help people after high school. In his free time, he likes to practice basketball, workout with his family and hangout with friends. Oscar has tried out fo...


Jack Bogda

Jack Bogda is a student at Palo Verde Highschool. He has just entered his Sophomore year at age 15. He has been in Journalism for 2 years now. He was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, and lives there to this day. Jack has been interested in journalism and reporting since the 8th grade. He loves sports such as football, basketball, and hockey. When he gets older he would like to become a sports broadcaster ...


Makayla Campbell

Makayla Campbell is a junior at Palo Verde. She is also in her third year in Journalism, as well as in her third year of dance. She is in dance 3, AP psychology, and IB Literature. She also works for a non-profit called Stress For Teens where she writes articles. As for her dreams she wants to go to Vanderbilt and major in Biomedical Technology and then after college, work for a hospital or firm as ...


Luke Florence

Luke Florence is now in his second year of journalism, as he is a sophomore at Palo Verde High School. He likes writing about pop culture and some opinion driven articles. He is on the wrestling team with hopes of going to state this year. When he graduates he would like to attend real estate school to learn the art of “hustle”. He enjoys having fun with his friends and families and plays video ga...


Brooke Galsky

Brooke Galsky is a Palo Verde sophomore in her second year of journalism. She is also in her second year of theatre club, creative writing club, and her first year of theatre. Galsky is often found coming up with story ideas, drawing, reading, or chatting with her peers. She has always had an interest in writing and wishes to educate others on topics she is passionate about. After high school, Galsk...


Malia Ishibashi

Malia Ishibashi is a proud staff member of the PV Panther Print and Palo Verde High School.    Malia is a Junior at Palo Verde Highschool striving to go to UNLV after high school.  After highschool Malia will become an English teacher at a local middle school.  Malia would love to live a modern lifestyle that is filled with helping kids by day and going back home and relaxing at night.  One th...


Caroline Lemcke

Caroline Lemcke is a sophomore at Palo Verde High School and in her second year of journalism. Her favorite subject is English, and she has a passion for writing. She’s an animal lover and In-n-Out enthusiast, as well as many other things. Caroline is also a competitive tennis player and had a blast playing on Palo’s tennis team last year. When she’s not in school or on a tennis court, she enjoy...


Dejvis Lipo

Dejvis Lipo is a Junior at Palo Verde High School . This is his third year in Journalism and he hopes for another exciting year. He can’t wait to publish articles about his school on Panther Print and engage his peers to read interesting articles. When Dejvis is not in school, he loves to add some miles to his bike in the afternoons, play soccer with his friends, watch news about Las Vegas or Sports ...


Ashlee Townsend

Ashlee Townsend is a junior at Palo Verde High School, and she is in her second year of journalism. She is also on the Palo Verde JV dance team. Townsend often finds herself choreographing new dances, practicing, or hanging out with her closest friends. Her dream is to get into NYU and major in journalism. After that, she wants to stay in New York and write for the New York Times. ...


Adria Wells

Adria Wells is a proud junior at Palo Verde High School who is in her third year of Journalism taking on the role of a school reporter. In her free time Adria enjoys writing short novels, songs, and poems. She also spends her time drawing intricate designs to add to her small drawing portfolio. Adria enjoys a simplistic lifestyle but wants to possibly major in english or music performance to hone in...


Bailey Campbell

Bailey Campbell is a senior in her second year of journalism. She is on the cross country and track team, and she hopes to run in college. In college she hopes to go into psychology. Some of her interests include opinion articles, entertainment articles, feature articles, and photography. Her hobbies are cooking and baking, crocheting, and playing the piano. She is taking journalism because she enjoys w...


Abbie Millman

Abbie Millman is a junior at Palo Verde High School in her third year of Journalism as Editor-in-Chief. She enjoys reading, writing, and politics. Outside of school she writes for a blog, is enrolled in Chinese school, and is President of the Turning Point USA Chapter at Palo Verde. Abbie hopes to major in political science, journalism, or pre-law in college for undergrad, followed by law school, as she ...


Mya Nielson

Mya Nielson is a senior in her fourth year of journalism. Her favorite subject is math and she hopes to someday pursue a career in the aerospace engineering field, since she has been fascinated with space and rockets even since kindergarten. Mya is currently in her second year of the IB Programme, and is looking forward to making the most of her senior year. Mya is also a part of the cross country tea...

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