Panther Print

2018-2019 Staff

Eli Duncan


Eli is in his third and final year of journalism and is the Editor-in-Chief, after being the Opinions Editor last year. Eli has always been a passionate about writing and wanted to be able to make a careers out of it. He is going to attend NAU after this year and study journalism and documentation. In his free time, he likes to take pictures as a freelance photographer, hang out at coffee shops, liste...

Brisa Muscaglione


Brisa Muscaglione is a junior in her third year of Journalism. Writing has been Brisa’s source of creativity since she can remember, so she feels at home in this class. After high school, she hopes to pursue nursing with a minor in Journalism at Oregon State University.

Joseph David

Copy Editor

Joseph is highly passionate in ensuring that the ideas of Palo and the neighboring community are fully expressed. He was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and is in his sixth year of living in Las Vegas. He has also briefly lived in Florida and Texas. He is highly involved in administering his ideas regarding politics and domestic/international issues. Journalism is a definite option when it comes to his car...

Vanessa Abbitt

Photography Editor

Vanessa Abbitt is a senior in her fourth year of Palo Verde Journalism.  She is the editor of photography. She has been playing soccer since sixth grade and has been in love with it from the moment she stepped on the field.  She also started short distance track at Palo Verde in her sophomore year. Besides running and playing soccer, she loves photography, reading and writing.  Vanessa enjoys a...

Michelle Trajtman

Opinions Editor

Michelle Trajtman is a junior at Palo Verde High School and is in her second year of Journalism as an Opinions editor. Michelle has always loved writing and would love to major in English at Columbia University. In her free time, she loves volunteering with nonprofits, reading, and taking pictures. Michelle played volleyball her freshman and sophomore year but is taking a break to focus on academics. ...

Jordyn Selznick

Sports Editor

Jordyn Selznick is a junior at Palo Verde High School. This is her second year in journalism and she is currently the sports editor of the newspaper. She is very excited to write sports articles and opinion pieces. Jordyn loves showing school spirit. She is a varsity cheerleader and has been a varsity swimmer for three years. She is also involved in the International Baccalaureate program. When she...

Cameron McCabe

Entertainment Editor

CJ McCabe is a Junior enrolled in the IB program who lives happily with his Mom, Dad, two younger sisters, their Yorkie named Bodhi, and another sister expected to arrive on the 12th of November. He enjoys reading a good book, discussing current events, and going out with friends. He reads anything he can get his hands on, writes short stories, and plays video-games to pass the time. His favorite ...

Marshae Smith

Entertainment Editor

Marshae is a junior in her 2nd year of journalism. Her first year in journalism took place at Northwest Academy, and now she is attending Palo Verde to continue her passion of writing. She has been writing for herself since she was 8 years old, so she has plenty of experience in the field. Her other hobbies include reading, singing, and acting. She takes theatre at Palo Verde as well which also excels...

Andrew Ochoa

Features Editor

Andrew Ochoa is the features editor for Panther Print. He is a senior and in his third year of journalism. He plans to continue writing about people, both teachers and students, who impact the experience of attending Palo Verde High.

Alexandria Margo

News Editor

Alexandria is a senior and is in her third year of journalism. She is the News editor of the Panther Print. When she is not writing news articles she is writing stories or binging YouTube videos. Alexandria is not only involved in journalism she takes theatre III and performs in Palo’s plays. She hopes one day to be a Geologist and plans on attending UNLV next year and hopefully The University of...

Ainslee Archibald

News Editor

Ainslee is a junior in her second year of Journalism as News Editor. She decided to take the class after she realized she was interested in a career in political journalism. She hopes to major in Political Science. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to podcasts and watching the news. This year, she hopes to improve her writing in both Journalism and the International Baccalaureate program at Palo....

Claudia Menjivar


Claudia Menjivar is a Junior in Palo Verde High School. She is apart of the Swim team, along with Journalism 2, where She is a photographer for the paper. A favorite elective of her’s would be Psychology,  along with her favorite subject would be English. She love adventures, She would love to take many road trips once she graduates. Along with going to College to major in Marine Science....

Kayla Faasse

Senior Editor

Kayla Faasse is a junior and is in her second year of Journalism. Her love for writing attracted her to this elective and she plans to continue down this road. She loves being involved with the school and helping out in any way possible. She is in publications and helps out with creation of the yearbook. She is open-minded about writing any article that hooks her interests. In her free time, she enjoys re...

Bailey Uzzardo

Senior Editor

Bailey Uzzardo is a junior in her second year of journalism. She is on the cross country and track team. Some of her interests are opinion articles, entertainment articles, news articles, and photography. Writing is one of her hobbies and one day hopes to become an author. In her free time she likes experimenting with photography and reading. She is taking journalism to better improve her writing s...

Janel Delgado

Senior Editor

This is Janel Delgado’s second year in Journalism and as a sophomore is now a senior editor. Janel enjoys writing about entertainment, like what new single Taylor Swift just dropped and whether of not John Green’s new book is noteworthy. From reviewing the latest movies to bestselling novels to top chart music, Janel is furthering her passion for writing by being able to write for Panther Print...

Miranda Salazar

Senior Editor

Miranda Salazar is a junior at Palo Verde High School and this is her second year in journalism. She plans to continue writing throughout her last years in high school. Mirada has high hopes for all the opportunities that may come her way through this program. She is also an imbedded member in Palo’s own theater tech, best buddies, and Air Force JROTC. After high school, Miranda plans to join the milit...

Mallory McKissick

Senior Editor

Mallory McKissick is in her second year of journalism as a sophomore at Palo Verde High School. The upcoming year in Journalism Two holds a lot of hope for Mallory. After her four years of high school, Mallory wishes to continue her education at Columbia University, hoping to major in neuroscience or political science. Mallory wants to pursue a future in the journalism, forensic science, or physiology...

Mya Nielson

Junior Editor

Mya is a sophomore in her second year of journalism. Having recently moved from Reno, Mya is new to Palo Verde this year, and is excited for everything that she will learn this year. Although writing is usually something she dislikes, Mya enjoys being able to share her opinions though her pieces. Aside from schoolwork and spending time with friends, she enjoys skiing, rock-climbing, hiking, and bing...

Rhiannon Belanger

Junior Editor

Rhiannon Belanger is a junior new at Palo. Having just moved from Texas, the city life is definitely something to get used to. In Texas she played a big role in news and political pieces and hopes to bring that experience to the table. She started writing to be able to put her thoughts into words and has been writing since as a form as expression. In her free time, she likes to swing dance, surf and ...

Zoie Martin

Junior Editor

Zoie Martin is a sophomore, beginning her second year of journalism. She is looking forward to the immense amount of knowledge she will gain and all the exciting things she will write. She has loved writing since a young age, and knew she wanted to become a journalist. She is delighted to be a part of Panther Print staff, and to feature in review articles, opinions, and news. Hoping to take this c...

Dominique Allen

Junior Editor

Dominique Allen is a sophomore in high school. When she isn’t in school, she enjoys spending her time cooking, volunteering, writing, and hanging out with friends.  If she makes it out of high school successfully, she will go to college and work on becoming a best-selling author writing cliche love stories with sci-fi themes. Outside of school, she is most likely to be found drinking coffee. ...

Mackenzie Khamvongsa

Junior Editors

Taking on a second year of journalism, sophomore Mackenzie Khamvongsa looks forward to pursue a new position in the class to improve writing conceptions and communication skills as junior editor. She plans to get more involved into sports articles while continuing to center her work around opinions for the rest of her Journalism years here at Palo Verde. After high school, Mackenzie is highly anticipatin...

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