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2017-2018 Staff

Chandler Patrick


Chandler Patrick is a senior in her fourth and final year of journalism. She’s been Editor-in-Chief for two years now, with a background in sports writing. When she’s not writing, she’s probably studying, watching Netflix, sleeping, or worrying about college admissions. With ambitions toward clinical psychology and ultimately a PhD in the field, she knows there is still a lot of learning left...

Jake Grosvenor


Jake is in his third year of Journalism as Editor-In-Chief, after being Opinion’s Editor last year. Jake found his passion for writing after his 9th grade English teacher, Mr.Dell, convinced him to join the class, and ever since he has loved it. Jake is going to NAU after this year to major in Journalism and Political Science. Outside of school, Jake loves to read books by Stephen King, his favo...

Hope Freeland

Senior Editor

Hope Freeland is a senior editor who is in her third year in journalism. She has found that journalism is a great place to be creative with her writing. After she graduates, she would like to attend the University of Nevada in Reno to be a communications major. In her free time, she enjoys playing the piano and hanging out with her friends. Hope loves to travel and her favorite place to visit is New ...

Eli Duncan

Opinions Editor

Eli is a junior at Palo Verde high school, in his second year in journalism and first as the Opinions Editor. After reading articles by the likes of Milo Yiannopoulos and watching how he can shake the entire world with his opinions, Eli knew he wanted to eventually do the same thing.  He enjoys being able to put his opinions out there without getting attacked for it like in other venues. He hopes ...

Erica Jane

Entertainment Editor

Erica is in her second year of Journalism and is an Entertainment co-editor. She enjoys sifting through underground albums, movies and series. In her free time, she likes to go on hikes, write and draw. During school, she is involved with Palo Verde’s band. Erica hopes to be an author and attend UMN.

Andrew Ochoa

Features Editor

Andrew Ochoa is a junior and currently writing for his second year at Panther Print. Andrew is Palo’s features editor, writing mostly about new events around school and highlighting exceptional teachers and students. His interests include continuing to build his writing and production skills and studying the state of politics, culture and art.

Brisa Muscaglione

Features Editor

Brisa Muscaglione is a sophomore in her second year of Journalism. Among other things, Brisa is most passionate about expressing herself through writing. She always knew writing was her niche, and hopes to one day pursue a career in Journalism. She loves music, watching movies, being with her family and hanging out with her friends. After high school, she wants to attend University of Oregon. ...

Joseph David

News Editor

Joseph is participating in his junior year of high school as news editor and reporter in his second year of Journalism. He was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii and has also lived in Florida and Texas. He specifically contributes to the news, opinion, and features sections. Joseph is highly passionate about politics, social issues, international/domestic affairs, history, and philosophy. His top college...

Alexandria Margo

News Editor

Alexandria is a junior and is in her second year of journalism. She is the News editor for Panther Print. When she is not in journalism, she is reading books or watching YouTube. Along with Journalism, Alexandria is a theater ll student. She hopes to one day be a successful Geologist. She hopes to find many valuable gems and jewels over her career. For now, she hopes to make it through Physics I an...

Vanessa Abbitt

Photography Editor

Vanessa Abbitt is a junior in her third year of Palo Verde Journalism.  She co-leads the photography group with Laura Park.  She has been playing soccer since sixth grade and has been in love with it from the moment she began playing.  She also started short distance track at Palo Verde in her sophomore year.  Besides running and playing soccer, she loves photography, reading and writing.  Vanessa ...

Laura Park

Photography Editor

Laura Park is Co-Photography Editor of Panther Print. She is a senior in her second year on Panther Print, and she works as a wedding photographer for Cashman Professional. Laura also shoots freelance portraits for Senior Photos, Homecoming, Prom, and various other events. She hopes to attend UC Santa Barbara or Cal Poly San Luis Obispo for her bachelor’s degree in finance. In the future, Laura w...

Lainey Harlow

Junior Editor

Lainey is a junior in her first year of journalism at Palo Verde. Having recently moved from Aliso Viejo, California, Lainey is new to the school this year. Outside of school, she enjoys Cross Country running, reading, and hiking. Lainey’s favorite types of articles include entertainment pieces, reviews, and opinion pieces. Lainey hopes to attend UCSD and major in political science....

Brittany Blanco

Junior Editor

Brittany Blanco is a sophomore at Palo Verde and is in her second year of Journalism. She has a love for covering entertainment and has worked her way towards becoming a Junior Editor with her best friend, Kaitlyn. Dancing, playing the guitar, and biking are some of her favorite things to do. Also in her free time, she loves to volunteer for Key Club or hang out with her friends. Brittany definitely wants...

Kaitlyn Suwanvichit

Junior Editor

Kaitlyn Suwanvichit is a Sophomore in her second year of Journalism. She is a Junior Editor, so of course, she loves to write everything. She loves writing with her best friend, Brittany, who is also a Junior Editor. Kaitlyn loves helping out her community, and has been a member of Key Club since freshman year. Her time spent as a Panther has been very enjoyable so far. In the future, Kaitlyn has plan...

Michelle Trajtman


Michelle Trajtman is a sophomore at Palo Verde High School and is just starting her first year of journalism. She is incredibly passionate about politics and loves to write opinion articles, as well as sports. Michelle has always loved to write and would love to major in Journalism at Columbia University. She has been on the volleyball team since freshman year and also enjoys playing tennis and watch...

Cody Reymond


Cody Reymond is a freshman in his first year of journalism. He comes from the Lone Star State and is following his brother’s footsteps in journalism. He has interests in writing political opinions and entertainment articles. With an upbringing of many cultures, he thinks it can bring new angles to discussions. After high school, he hopes to attend SMU for a business degree....

Janel Delgado


As a freshman at Palo Verde High School, this is Janel Delgado’s first year in Journalism and she is beyond delighted to be here. Janel enjoys writing about entertainment: stuff like what single Taylor Swift just dropped and whether or not John Green’s new book in noteworthy. From reviewing the latest movies to bestselling books to top chart music, Janel wants to share her passion in the Panthe...

Ainslee Archibald


Ainslee is a sophomore at Palo Verde and is in her first year of journalism. She decided to take the class after she realized she was interested in a career in journalism and hopes to meet other students with similar interests. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to podcasts and playing piano. This year, she hopes to improve and gain confidence in her writing and become more involved in school ...

Dominique Allen


Dominique “Dom” Allen is a freshman full of energy and a need to learn. She tends to spend her time volunteering, exercising, reading or just being outside. She rarely ever watches TV, except for when she binge watches The Vampire Diaries and How to Get Away with Murder. If she makes it out of high school, she will go to college and study to be a marine scientist as well as an author. Dom hopes...

Jordyn Selznick


Jordyn Selznick is a sophomore at Palo Verde High School. This is her first year in journalism and she plans on continuing this path throughout high school. She is very excited to write Sports Articles and learning how to write opinion pieces. Jordyn loves showing her school spirit around the school. She’s a Jv cheerleader and on has been on Varsity swim for two years. In her free time, she loves goi...

Zoie Martin


Zoie Martin is a freshman, beginning her first year of journalism. She is looking forward to the immense amount of knowledge she will gain and all the exciting things she will write. Born and raised in a family that taught her to express what she feels and to have a voice, she came into this class knowing what she wanted to do, and is glad she can share her opinions with others. She has loved writ...

Mallory McKissick


Mallory McKissick is in her first year of journalism as a freshman at Palo Verde High School. The upcoming year in Journalism Foundations holds a lot of hope for Mallory. Growing up in Houston, Texas, Mallory was raised in a strongly opinionated environment, and is looking forward to the next few years of embracing her passion of writing. After her four years of high school, Mallory wishes to conti...

Kayla Faasse


Kayla Faasse is a sophomore and is in her first year of Journalism. Her love for writing attracted her to this elective and she plans to continue down this road. She loves being involved with the school and helping out in any way possible. She runs for the Palo Verde cross country and track teams. She also helps manage the Palo wrestling team.  Due to her love of sports, she’s expecting to work on sp...

Miranda Salazar


Miranda Salazar is a sophomore at Palo Verde High School. This is her first year in journalism and she plans to continue writing throughout her next two years of high school. Miranda is looking forward to learning new writing techniques, developing better people skills, and getting to know more people who attend Palo. Miranda’s passion in life is volleyball. She is proud to represent Palo Verde a...

Mackenzie Khamvongsa


Freshmen Mackenzie Khamvongsa, is currently in her first year of journalism at Palo Verde and is enthusiastic for the journey ahead of her. She looks forward to extending her knowledge with writing conceptions, as she plans on centering her work around sports and opinions. Though she is excited to display her writing, she is also highly anticipating the development of new relationships with her peer...

Bailey Uzzardo


Bailey Uzzardo is a sophomore in her first year in Journalism. She is on the Palo Verde cross country and track team and is one of three managers for the wrestling team. Due to her background in sports, one of her interests is writing sports articles. Along with writing sports articles, she’s also interested in opinion writing, events, photography, and basically any other kind of writing. She u...

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