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Annaka Cieri
Junior Annaka Cieri as started her first year has Editor-in-Chief, here on Panther Print newspaper and her second year in Journalism. She has been writing respectively since middle school and has even been a council member of Palo Verde’s Creative Writing Club for three years, and was president for one of the years. In this time she has written two one act plays, which were performed by students at Palo Verde, one movie script, and a numerous amount of poetry, one of which has been published in a poetry/short story book titled “Eloquence.” When Cieri is not busy with her writing she paints and draws, one of her drawings was even featured in The Smithsonian her freshman year. Some of Cieri's interests include: watching and collecting classic horror movies on VHS (her favorites being “Night of The Living Dead” and “The Omen”), lacrosse (to which she played for 7 years on many All-Star and State as well as high school teams),reading, listening to music, (her favorite bands are White Reaper, The 1975, Queen, and The Beatles) and watching anything Christian Slater is in, including “Heathers”, on repeat. She hopes to later in life work for Buzzfeed video, and writing scripts for them.

Annaka Cieri, Editor-in-Chief

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