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Sumner Serrano

Sumner Serrano, Editor

Sumner Serrano is a sophomore at Palo Verde High School. She went to Centennial High School her freshman year, so it’s her first year at Palo. Her favorite color is blue and the only food she wants to eat for the rest of her life is Del Taco’s chili cheese fries. She loves to read and watch movies in her free time. Serrano’s  top three favorite movies are Lost Boys, Scream, and Les Miserables. She couldn’t choose just one favorite book. As for TV shows, she watches many, but her all time favorite is Buffy the Vampire Player. She spends many of her weekends sitting on her couch watching the show. She enjoys a little bit of everything when it comes to music. Her favorite band is Bastille though. In school, her favorite subject is English. Serrano says she used to hate writing. She always thought it was boring and a waste of time. That was until she had a teacher in 7th grade who helped her find her inspiration and the rest is history. After high school, Serrano would like to travel the world. She wants to see all of the sights before she has to go to college and find a job. What that job is, she doesn’t know yet.

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Sumner Serrano